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Covid 19


Here are links to the latest advice that the DfE are sending the school:

This guidance below refers to adults, not to children.


Our protocol is that if a child is ill they should stay off school until they are well enough to return.

As testing of children was never part of our protocols and risk assessments, we do not recognise positive covid tests as a reason to keep children off school. We will always go by how they are feeling and whether they are ill. 

If a parent or carer chooses to keep an asymptomatic child away from school on the strength of a test, only 3 days will be authorised in accordance with the government guidance for an acceptable absence for adults. Any more than this will be unauthorised.

Similarly, if  child has been ill, but recovers, but a test says they still have covid, if they have already been away for 3 days then that absence will also not be authorised as they should be back in school once they have no symptoms. 




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