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 I'm Mrs Birchard, the very proud head of Scotney House


House Captains






 Hugo Freeman                   Mollie Abbott



Term 1 News



The house competition this term is a Times Tables Rockstars Tournament.

Each time that you compete for Scotney, your score will combine and go towards our house total - so get on line, have fun and practise those times tables!






It may not have been the result we hoped for, but well done Scotney for participating in this tournament - we can only aim higher now!

However, what we do need to appreciate is that we had some top times tables players who gave their all for Scotney:

3rd most valuable player: Hugo (Year 6)

2nd most valuable player: James (Year 3)

1st most valuable player: Amelie (year 6)


Term 2 News




Bodiam have been running an amazing University Challenge competition all term. House teams (comprising a child from each year group) have been battling throughout the term and we have the final looming.

The final competitors are:

Hever vs SCOTNEY!!

Please get behind our wonderful team, being led by our very own house captain Hugo. His team are Rupert from year 3, Amelia from Year 4 and Alice from Year 5. 

We wish them all the luck in the world - GO SCOTNEY!!



Term 3 News




This term, Hever house captains have been helping to organise a Boom Reader competition. The rules are very simple - just continue to enjoy reading at home and log your reads on the Boom Reader site. At the end of term, we will tally up how many reads have been logged for each house to see who will triumph. Good luck Scotney. Enjoy your reading time and keep logging on Boom Reader. 

BoomReader Parents


Congratulations to Bodiam - the run away winners this term. 


Term 4 News



Scotney House Captains - Hugo and Mollie - are running a house competition this term to re-design the Sports Day Winner's Certificates. They would like children to create a hand drawn, colourful picture to go on the certificate to represent all that is good about sport in Ashdown School. It must be hand drawn (not computer designed), but can be made using any media (pencil, pen, paint or collage). Entries need to be returned to Birch class after the Easter break by by Friday 19 April 2024. The winner will have their picture and name printed on every Sports day certificate this year.  

Congratulations to the very worthy winners of the house competition. It was such high standards that Mollie and Hugo chose their top three:

3rd Place: Rupert 

2nd Place: Ava

1st Place: Maisy

Look our for the winning design on the Sports Day certificates in Term 5

Scotney Competition



Term 5 News



What an amazing sports day. Scotney really did show some fabulous teamwork, support and resilience. We were over all runners up to the winning house of Bodiam, but is was such a close run event that we were in an out of the top spot throughout the morning.


Term 6 News




Year 6 are demonstrating how important it is to work together as a team as they have moved onto their 6+ timetable. This is where the year 6 children move around to have lessons in their house groups rather than in their usual classes, so that they can get ready for their transition to secondary school.  We wish them luck and hope that they enjoy spending time in their house groups for this term!



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