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Help and Advice 


If you are looking for help or advice, then the links below may help. We are always here to support where we can. Please speak to us as we may be able to help or signpost you to further support.

Click on the links below to access some useful websites and resources:


Paediatrician referrals:



School health service:



Triple-P parental support:



Domestic abuse:



Healthy eating for children:



Healthy teeth for children:

NHS - taking care of children's teeth


Below are links to suggested books and resources:


Supporting children's wellbeing:



Mental health support for children:

Parent information and support for their child's mental health


Children’s book to explore anxiety and worry:

Little Meerkat's Big Panic


Book for parents and carers for helping children with their emotions and behaviour:

My Hidden Chimp


Worry monster toy:

Worry Monsters


 Children’s book to help support understanding of bereavement:

Badgers Parting Gift

Michael Rosen's Sad Book