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Careers Related Learning info for parents

What is careers related learning?

At Ashdown Primary School, we want to do everything we can do develop the children in preparation for their life beyond primary school. 


We work closely, following the Skills Builder framework to build  the children's 8 essential skills (listening, speaking, team work, leadership, creativity, problem solving, aiming high and staying positive). These essential skills have been identified as skills that each person will use throughout their life in school and later on in the working world. 


We are looking to develop close links with the local community and businesses so that the children can identify how these skills are used in the working world and help to build the aspirations of the children within our school. 




In May, we are holding the inaugural Ashdown Primary School Careers Fair. There will be two events - one at the infant site and one at the junior site.  During these events, the children will identify different careers that use our essential skills (speaking, listening, teamwork, leadership, creativity, problem solving, aiming high and staying positive). If you think this is something you would like to be involved with and share your profession with the children, please get in contact with Mr Angus (tangus@ashdown.e-sussex.sch.uk) and ask for more information. When emailing Mr Angus, please can you identify your profession so that we can be aware of the spread of jobs the children will be exposed to during this event



Below is a link to the East Sussex Primary Careers Hub YouTube page where you can find a range of useful videos, including a playlist of videos that concentrate on the 8 essential skills and how they are used in professions across East Sussex.