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Ashdown Primary School

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  1. Our whole school community will treat everybody in the way they would wish to be treated with mutual respect for each other and our environment.
  2. We (the community) will develop resilience in ourselves and others by creating a stable and safe culture and climate where we understand that everyone makes mistakes and that we will achieve more by learning from them.
  3. We will provide everybody with a secure and creative environment to achieve their full potential, by offering a broad range of engaging and challenging opportunities.
  4. Our whole school community will be supported in all aspects of school life enabling them to achieve, feel included, and belong.
  5. Our whole school community will understand, develop and show mutual trust, confidence in each other, and ensure that all stakeholders feel listened to and valued.
  6. As a school community, we hold many values dear and recognise the importance of these in the holistic development of our children. We therefore explore key aspects of them by focussing on each one in turn. They are: Courage, Creativity, Peace, Trust, Forgiveness, Justice, Thankfulness, Compassion, Friendship, Hope, Truthfulness, Humility, Generosity, Respect & Reverence, Wisdom, Perseverance, Service, Responsibility.


Mission Statement 

We value every child for what they are and prepare them for everything they could be.


Equal Opportunities

 At Ashdown Primary School we believe that all children, regardless of first language, disability, race, gender, cultural or socio-economic background, should receive equal access to the full school curriculum.

 Disability Statement

Ashdown Primary School is proud to be an inclusive school. We are able to offer access to the full curriculum for children who have a physical disability.

 We have easy access into the main part of the building and have disabled toilet facilities within the school.

As with any additional needs the schools work closely with parents and appropriate outside agencies



Our school ethos is our shared vision and common sense of purpose. As an eco-school all our decision making is underpinned by our commitment to being “green” This ethos aims to guide the day to day life and development of the school and strongly influence the ‘feel’ of the school.