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Our Eco Schools

The Green team is responsible for collecting organic waste for composting and making sure that our eco code of reduce, reuse, recycle is being followed.

At Ashdown Primary school we are extremely proud of the eco ethos that runs through the school. We are in the process of reapplying for the renewal of our Eco School status.   The school must apply every two years to keep its eco status and prove commitment to being green. This is something that is embedded in our school life and we are committed to our ethos of reduce, reuse, recycle as well as ensuring school decisions are sympathetic to these values.

For more information about ECO schools please click here

Green Teams

We have a Green Team at each site made up of pupil representatives from each class and a teacher responsible for ECO issues.

 This is our Infant Green team for Term 3

Well done Paxton,Ava,Charlotte,Jess,Lyssa,Megan, Harry and Finlay for being voted onto the Green Team

We're sure you are going to be a fabulous team this term

ECO Exploration Day 2018

Every year the children extend the understanding of ECO issues through the normal curriculum and through exploration of ECO issues in a little more depth.

Watch out for photos!