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Year Five

There are two classes in Year Five – 5 Blackthorn with Mr Barcock and 5 Birch with both Mrs  Birchard and Mrs Evans.  Mrs Thomas also works in Year 5, with Mrs Piper and Mrs Buckingham alternating for Music and French respectively.

This year our learning will be based around a variety of topics, please have at the curriculum plan to see which area we will be focusing on and when.  We will be swimming in terms 4-6, please ensure your child has the correct kit to take part.  We endeavour to make learning as engaging and interactive as possible and will be going on a number of trips this year, as well as having visitors into the school.  We greatly enjoyed our trip to Newhaven Fort and are excited about the upcoming trips.

Home learning                                                       

This term children will typically be set home-learning on a weekly basis, this will come home with your child and will be due in on the following week. 

My Maths will also be set as an optional extra and home learning should take about 30 minutes. Please ensure that an appropriate environment is provided for your child to complete their home learning.

We would also like children to read to an adult at least three times a week. Each child will be given a book appropriate to their ability. Please record any reading in the children’s journals books. Journals should come into school daily.


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