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Fair Trade is an international movement which ensures that producers in poor countries get a fair price for their goods (one that covers the cost of production, and guarantees them a living income), decent working terms and conditions, long-term contracts which provide security, support to gain the knowledge and skills that they need to develop their businesses, and increase sales. At Ashdown Primary School we are committed to ensuring that children have a good knowledge of the wider world. In order to ensure this we plan learning that develops children’s understanding of Green Issues, Fair Trade and Charities and how individuals can make a difference. 

Fairtrade Ambassadors 2024

There are always lots of children who wish to be Fairtrade Ambassadors and we were lucky to receive some really high quality application letters, posters and leaflets.  Decisions have now been made an our new Fairtrade Ambassadors have been announced.

Congratulations to all of these fabulous children.  We are really looking forward to working with you this year.


Fairtrade Tuckshop Update

One of the jobs the Fairtrade Ambassadors do is sell Fairtrade biscuits and juice at the Fairtrade Tuckshop. Unfortunately, we are having trouble getting hold of wrapped Fairtrade products but we hope to do so soon.  The good news is that we are now able to offer Fairtrade bananas for sale at breaktime on Fridays.  These will cost 30p each and as soon as we have more stock, we'll be adding to our offer, with any profit being donated to Fairtrade.

 Fairtrade Week October 2023

This term, we have had our first dedicated ‘Fairtrade’ week where the children have been asking themselves what Fairtrade is.  In lesson time, the children spent time thinking about this through research, role-play and class discussion.  

 The learning will be used to make some displays around the school and we have added some pictures into the gallery on this page so that you can see what we have been up to.

It will soon be time to elect our next round of Fairtrade Ambassadors which we will be doing in term 2 so that they are ready to take on this exciting and important role in term 3.  If your child has come home enthused about Fairtrade and takes an interest in this initiative and the products available on the supermarket shelves then why not encourage them to put themselves forward for this.

Fairtrade Fortnight February/ March 2023

This was launched in a special assembly given by Mrs Hogg, who used to be Head of School at the Infants and is now one of our school governors.  As a member of Crowborough Fairtrade, there's no-one better qualified to teach us about the importance of Fairtrade and its impact on protecting the rights of growers. She was ably assisted by our fabulous Fairtrade ambassadors and a giant inflatable 'Super banana' which was very popular with the children.

In learning time, the children spent time developing their understanding of Fairtrade and the positive role that it plays in so many lives.  In class and assembly time, the children have been learning about Fairtrade and its relationship with climate change.    This happened throughout the school with our youngest children, in Foundation Stage, reading the story of Pablo the banana and thinking about the meaning of fair and not fair.  They identified the Fairtrade logo and discussed some foods that might be Fairtrade and also made delicious Fairtrade banana and chocolate muffins.

At the other end of the school, Year 6 discussed the pros and cons of using Fairtrade products when planning a menu and looked at data related to carbon inequality.  In the process, the concluded that over consumption of the wealthy is making the problem worse and therefore, something needs to be done to address this.

Delicious aromas filled the Infant school towards the end of the first week thanks to the baking taking place for the Fairtrade tea.  Tasty treats such as chocolate brownies, rocky road and chocolate crispy cakes were a huge success.  You can read more about our Fairtrade Tea below...

Fairtrade Tea- Friday 3rd March 2023

Our Fairtrade ambassadors made us very proud as they served our school community with a selection of Fairtrade bakes and drinks at our Fairtrade Tea. It was a huge success and we're looking forward to hearing how much we raised to send to the Fairtrade foundation.

In addition to the baking done by the infants, many families and a number of staff members provided cakes, gave their time and made generous donations. It was a huge success and we had plenty to go round this time with just a little left over for the staffrooms on Monday morning.