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Here is where we celebrate everything we all get up to outside school!

You might get some ideas of hobbies and pastimes you could try yourself:

  • Well done to Skye who achieved 1st place for her Acro character as Cat in the Hat and 2nd place for her contemporary improvisation section!

  •  Lara is now a sixer in her guide unit.  Well done.

  • Lara has achieved her Stage 2 First Aid award at Brownies. Well done, Lara!


  • Well done to Sofia and Sienna for their amazing Taekwondo achievements!


  • Lara has been promoted in Brownies to be a seconder of her group of six. Well done Lara for this great achievement!



  • Jack has worked hard over the last few months clearing litter during our dog walks.  It took a few weeks but he finally cleared an area of fly tipping near to the golf course, well done Jack!

  • Lara Blythe in the last 4 weeks has achieved her 50m, 100 and today her 200m swimming awards. A huge accomplishment. Well done Lara!

  • Lara achieved a new Brownies badge, King Charles III Coronation Challenge badge. Well done!

  • Well done to Lara  in achieving her Skills Builder badge at Brownies.

  • Congratulations to Matthew M who had a very busy Easter holiday.  He went to the World Irish Dance Association World Championships in Killarney, Ireland.

    And has returned home with:
    2 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze, 1 Fifth, 1 Eighth, 1 Eleventh place medal.
    What a fantastic achievement!.
  • Well done to Lara Blythe for completing her Brownie pledge and becoming an official Brownie.

  • Congratulations to Skye, who has just taken part in a dance competition. She gained a gold medal for her solo lyrical routine and the 2 groups routines gained a 1st and 3rd place. 

    For one group dance she was an evacuee seeing her “father” (Ashdown alumni Megan Butterfield) go off to war and for the other one that was Alice in wonderland themed she played the Cheshire Cat (very fitting!!). 

  • Congratulations to Hayden Smith's for his achievement in the hockey tournament last weekend.  Across the games, Hayden scored 9 of the 15 goals scoring a hat trick in one of the games.
  • Charlotte and Isabelle Crouch from Woodpeckers class entered their first gymnastics competition this weekend. They performed routines on floor and beam, and both did really well! 

  •  Congratulations to Hayden, Henry, Jack, Lauren, Freddie and Benji who have all been presented with their Chief Scout Silver Award.

    “This is the highest award a Cub can earn. To complete it you need to earn 6 activity (or staged activity) badges of your choice, as well as all 7 of the Challenge Awards. The Chief Scout’s Silver Award shows that you have given new things a go, played your part and stuck it out, even when the going got tough.” (from scouts.org.uk
  • Well done to Lara for swimming 25m.

  • Congratulations to Lara who has had her cut off and has donated to the Princess Trust to make wigs for children with cancer.

  • Lara has started rock climbing and has climbed  1a and 2a graded routes so far.

  • Congratulations to Skye who won gold medal for her dance.

  • Esmé Ridley-Smith from Hedgehogs class was presented with her Stage One First Aid Badge from Rainbows. This badge involved Esmé learning about what's in a first aid kit, how to treat a small cut or graze, about what happens if someone gets bitten, moods and how to kill germs to prevent people feeling poorly.

    Rainbows is part of the Girlguiding organisation and Esmé is a member of the 1st Jarvis Brook unit that meets on a Friday afternoon. 


  • Lara Blythe was awarded a medal for playing and participating in the Rotherfield Football Club U8 team. She has had a fantastic year and learnt many new skills and gained confidence in playing in a team. She is looking forward to starting again in September.

  • Congratulations to Jack and Harry Turnock who had the end of season rugby awards at the weekend: Jack received the U10s Players player award and Harry got U8s Sportsperson of the year award.  Well done boys.

  • Esmé from Hedgehogs was awarded her first medal from Rotherfield Junior Football Club over the Easter weekend as part of the end-of-season celebrations.

    Esmé is part of the U6s group which are coached on Saturday mornings at Rotherfield Recreation Ground. 

    Over the season, Esmé has been learning ball manipulation techniques, dribbling, shooting at goal and how football matches are played. Well played Esmé!

  • Maddison Gannaway and her pony Merlin who came second in their showing class on Easter Sunday and both have qualified for the big sunshine tour championships at hickstead in September.  Well done Maddison.

  • Congratulations to Skye Ward who was awarded a distinction in her ballet exam (the highest mark in her school.  Well done Sky!

  • Well done to a few of the children from Ashdown Primary (Infant and Junior site) who participated in a fun run, to raise money for the Ukraine Emergency Fund, on Saturday 19th of March.  They all worked so hard for such a good cause. 

  • Congratulations to Sofia and Sienna who both competed in a Tetrathlon for Eridge Pony Club this weekend. Sofia had to ride, shoot, run 1000m and swim for 2 minutes. Sienna had to ride, throw, run 500m and swim for 2 minutes. They both came 10th individually in their age groups. Sienna’s team came 1st and Sofia’s team came 5th.

  • Sofia, in 4Ginkgo, was invited to the AETA Taekwon-do awards dinner this weekend for being the 2020 under 10 winner. Congratulations Sofia, what an achievement.

  • Congratulations to Matthew McLagan, who recently took part in the Irish Country Dancing British Open, with these fantastic results:

    2 x 1st

    1 x 2nd

    2 x 3rd

    He was very impressive!

  • Both Sofia and Sienna Fuller competed at The AETA League Taekwondo Competition on Sunday 7 November.

    Sofia gained a gold medal in sparring, a silver in special technique and a bronze in patterns.
    Sienna gained bronze medals in sparring, special technique and patterns.

  • These brave souls attempted the Downsman Challenge with their cub pack on Saturday, this is a hike up to 15 miles across the South Downs.  
  • Jack's team set off first and completed 9.5 miles and Freddie and Hayden's team set off a little later (they were attempting a marginally shorter 11miles) and achieved 5 miles before the event was called off due to the horrendous weather.  
  • This event has never been called off before for bad weather, and I know one year it was completed in torrential rain so the conditions yesterday must have been pretty dangerous for the organisers to do this to be fair.


  • Congratulations to Skye in 3Tanoak.  She competed this weekend in Disco and Lyrical. She won 2nd place in Disco with her ‘Ice Cream Freeze’ dance. She competes in the Junior section against children up to year 6. Skye dances with RB Arts Academy and has been dancing for 5 years. 

  • Congratulations to Lara in 3Hazel for receiving your 10m swimming certificate.