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 Hello, and welcome to the Arundel page. My name is Mr Gray and I am proud to be the House Leader for Arundel. Check here for updates of all things Arundel; inter-house competitions, house successes, and updates on non-uniform days if we win the termly house point competition.







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Term 4 House Point Results




A massive congratulations to my Arundelians for winning this terms house competition! I am incredibly proud of how they managed to win, although it was a very close race against Scotney with just 9 points in it. Well done to them too. Obviously it has been a good term for demonstrating our values of Opportunity, Trust, Citizenship, Respect, Resilience and (this term's focus:) Support. Let's keep the trophy again in term 5!

We will be having a non-uniform day early next term to reward you for your efforts.

Mr Gray

Arundel Inter-House Competition Results

 The results are in!

1st: Matthew (Hever) 25 house points

2nd: Jessica (Scotney) 20 house points

3rd: Harry (Bodiam) 15 house points

4th: Alfie (Arundel) 10 house points

Congratulations to Matthew for winning, he played brilliantly!

While I am disappointed for Alfie and Arundel, I have really enjoyed organising this competition (with the help of house captains Lottie and Olivia). The value this term has been opportunity, and SO MANY children have taken the opportunity to learn how to play chess just so they can take part. I know a few people have started developing a real passion for chess following this tournament, and I couldn't be more pleased. I hope they keep it up. Well done all for a sporting, respectful tournament. 

Arundel Inter-House Chess Tournament 2023




 We have narrowed down our competition to just 4 players. Congratulations to the winners from each house. Here they are in their winning moments!

Scotney Champ: Jessica (6 Silveroak)

Hever Champ:  Matthew (6Birch)

Bodiam Champ:: Harry (4Ginkgo)

Arundel Champ: Alfie (6Birch)


A photo gallery of the entire tournament will come upon its completion. Chess on!

Arundel's Inter-House Chess Tournament

 The chess tournament returns!

After signups last week, the houses  have begun their battles to be crowned the champion of their house, in preparation for the mini-tournament between house champs next week. Who will be victorious? 

All matches to be played in 4Gardenia.

Scotney Round: 10/1/23

Hever Round: 11/1/23

Bodiam Round: 12/1/23

Arundel Round: 13/1/23


Term 3 Update

Happy New Year, and welcome to another busy term.


Congratulations to last term's house competition winners, Bodiam. Although it was incredibly close between all the houses, it was disappointing to come in 4th place. Let's try even harder to get ourselves back on top, Arundelians!

In more pleasing news, one of our House Captains, Olivia, was the overall winner of the Scotney Art Competition. Well done Olivia! Her 'winter scene' art is displayed below. If you would like to see some of the other entrants, check out the Scotney House page.


 Stay tuned for updates about Arundel's inter-house competition this term.


Mr Gray


Arundel's Glory!

 Congratulations to my fantastic Arundelians for winning the house point competition for Term 1.  You will be having a non-uniform day on Wednesday 9th of November; see the Term 2 Week 1 newsletter for more details.

I am very proud of you winning this competition as it means that you have been showing our school values ( Respect, Resilience, Opportunity, Citizenship, Trust and Support) the most of any house! Well done, and keep it up in Term 2.


Term 1 Update: Captains, competitions and points, oh my!

 As I write this in early week 5, Arundel are currently in the lead for house points! Just a couple of weeks to go and we can claim victory. Keep it up! Remember, house points are given for: Respect, Resilience, Support, Opportunity, Trust and Citizenship. We are off to a stunning start to the year, so this shouldn't be too hard.

The Bodiam-led spelling bee is coming up soon too. if you are participating, you will need to be au fait with your Year 3/4 words or Year 5/6 words, depending on your year group, so get practising, Arundelians! (These words can be found in your journals)

Last, but most definitely not least, congratulations to our NEW HOUSE CAPTAINS:

Olivia and Lottie



I know that both of these girls are mature and inspiring children, and will make superb house captains. Thank you to all the staff that voted for them.

Check back soon for updates on the Spelling Bee.

Mr Gray

P.S: Thank you to Lyssa in 6SilverOak for teaching me that the official demonym for people from Arundel is 'Arundelians'. I will be using the term an unspeakable amount from now on.


The results are in... 



The inter-house chess competition came to a gripping conclusion this week (after many delays due to games going on for so long!) with the house champions playing some terrific chess in a four-way showdown.

Lola and Libbie, our House Captains, announced the results in Celebration Assembly:

1st Place: Marlowe of Scotney

2nd Place: Matthew of Hever

3rd Place: Harry of Bodiam

4th Place: Moksha of Arundel


Although Moksha was understandably disappointed, she played brilliantly and was just edged out in the finals- not forgetting that she was still the Arundel champion overall! Well done Moksha. Don't forget to check the gallery below to see the tournament as it happened.

Inter-house Chess Tournament 2022



The Arundel Champ 



Congratulations to Moksha for winning the Arundel tournament. Just the Hever, Bodiam and Scotney winners to go!



 This term, Arundel is leading the Inter-House competition. Lola and Libby, our House Captains, introduced the Arundel Chess Tournament 2022 in assembly and the excitement has been palpable. Only the most tactical of Ashdown pupils (one from each house) will get the chance to face off in a four-way round robin tournament to prove their house's strategic skills. Even as you read this, the houses are battling to find their champions! Keep an eye on this page for pictures and updates.



The votes are in: congratulations to the House Captains for 2021/2022! Although it was a close race, all the staff were thrilled with the end result.  I am pleased to say that Arundel's Captains are:


  Lola and Libbie


May they lead Arundel to glory!



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