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Online Learning from 4th January 2021

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Support with using the Read Theory program

Home Learning

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In 6 Tanoak this year, we have the fabulous Mrs Buckingham and myself (Miss Thornham). We are excited to work with the amazing children of Tanoak as they move forward in their schooling to Y6. They are a wonderful group of children and we look forward to watching them continue to grow.

This year our learning will be based around a variety of topics, please look at the curriculum plan to see which area we will be focusing on and when, there may be some slight adaptations, due to the restricted use of practical resources, while Covid is still impacting on us.

We endeavour to make learning as engaging and interactive as possible and hope to book some exciting events for later in the school year, circumstances permitting.

Home learning

This term children will typically be set home-learning on a weekly basis, this will be put onto the website, as will the answers, unfortunately we will unable to collect in home learning at the present time.

My Maths will often also be set as an optional extra and home learning should take about 30 minutes. Please ensure that an appropriate environment is provided for your child to complete their home learning.

We are taking part in Times Tables Rockstars to develop mental skills focusing on times tables, each child has a log in, we would encourage them to practise their times tables regularly.

We would also like children to read to an adult at least three times a week.

Please select a book with your child and ask them to read a page at random to you, if they read every word easily and understand the content, then that book is too easy for them. If they stumble over a few words, but can read it comfortably with a little help, from an adult or a dictionary, then that is about the right level to stretch their vocabulary and reading skills. If they struggle with a few words in a few lines, then that book may be too difficult. Each child will be given a book appropriate to their ability at school, to support this. We will be sending home reading books as soon as we can safely do this.