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6 Birch Team 

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SAT's Information





As well as a busy term of learning, the children will also be preparing and practising for the National Curriculum Tests (SATs). We want the children to do the best that they can during this week (Week beginning 13th May) so will be continue to practise looking at the type of questions they may get and working under the test conditions. I recommend the following websites IF you would like to do any independent study and preparation:







 Please feel free to contact me at the following address if you have any queries or concerns:



Play in a Day - Black History





Black History Play in A Day



Towner Art Gallery and ephemeral art of the beach








Class Information


PPA (Planning, preparation and assessment) time will be on Thursday afternoons this term. Mrs Jarman will be teaching PE and Ms Vanderstappen will be teaching French.
PE times will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Could I please ask that your child's kit is fully labelled.
As we will be focusing on invasion games this term, there maybe times when the lesson are held outside if the weather allows it. Therefore, please provide:
  • Tracksuit bottoms
  • Gloves/hat
Times tables will be tested every Thursday. Please make use of:
Home learning for this term will continue to focus on practising times tables and regular reading at home. There will also be a separate home learning sheet made available every Friday and we would encourage your child to make use of this as it will support their revision of essential key skills. 

Current Learning


Our topic for term 5 is 'How big is my world?' 

The children will expand and apply their understanding of locational and place knowledge relating to and drawing comparisons between Brazil and Italy.  We will be learning about where countries and major cities are in relation to the UK, thinking about the time zone they are in and their climate. The children will be using key geographical vocabulary such as longitude, latitude and tropics to describe the locations of these places and then look at how the physical and human geography of a major city affects the types of careers and economic structure of that area. We will also use what we have leant to produce some extended pieces of writing in order to demonstrate the children’s learning and provide more evidence for our writing assessment.



If you would like to do some of your own research about key issues, then please feel free to use the following links:





















Support and Trust in Year 6



To celebrate our termly theme of support, year 6 worked together and joined in with a range of supportive and trust building activities. We started off with cooperative and supportive team games, before moving onto blindfolded problem solving  and finishing with trust falls. We looked at how we can support each other and why it is an important quality to develop.

Year 6 - Support and trust


We LOVE reading



6B Birch reading






We were lucky to welcome Miss Lewis from Beacon Academy, who came along to teach a taster session of Kinball. The children had the most amazing time and worked together to play this game.




Evolution and Adaptation



In science, we conducted an investigation into Darwin's Finches and how these birds on the Galapagos islands mutated and adapted to be able to thrive and survive, eating the food that was available to them. The birds who had fine, small seeds mutated to have a long, thin beak, whilst the birds who only had large, hard nuts to eat, adapted to have a short, stubby and powerful beak. This demonstrates a process called Natural Selection.

Darwin's Finches


Exploring Clay: Pinch and Coil Pots




Exploring Clay: Pinch and Coil Pots



Making heart pumps!


Hear Pumps!


PGL 2023



PGL 2023

Photos from Year 6's trip to Windmill Hill PGL 2023



Mr Egypt 2023



Mr Egypt 2023



Classifying by Observable Features


Pulleys and Levers



Learning Letter







Curriculum Overview