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 6 Birch





6 Birch Team 

Mrs Birchard    Mrs V. Thomas     Ms J. Thomas    Mrs Jarman     Mrs Pullinger 


 Please feel free to contact me at the following address if you have any queries or concerns:



6+ News 




This is a rolling programme of 2 weekly timetables using house groupings.

PLEASE NOTE that the first Monday is an INSET so you need to start your timetable from Week 1 TUESDAY. The children should take responsibility for bringing the exercise books that they will need for that day, their own resources and stationery - named pencil cases are now allowed and are encouraged. 

Equipment List

  • Refillable water bottle filled with fresh water each day
  • Exercise books for the day
  • 3 Pens (1x black, 1x blue, 1x red), pencil, sharpener and eraser
  • Ruler
  • Glue stick
  • Scientific calculator (Scientific calculator Casio fx-83GT CW)
  • Maths set, including a protractor and compass
  • White board pen
  • Highlighter
  • Reading book
  • PE Kit on appropriate day (even if injured)
  • Travel sized hand sanitiser 
  • Packet of tissues 


6+ Timetables




6 plus timetables.pdf




Class Information


PPA (Planning, preparation and assessment) time will be on Friday afternoons this term. Mrs Jarman will be teaching PE and Mrs Pullinger will be teaching Music.
PE times will be on Tuesdays and Fridays. Could I please ask that your child's kit is fully labelled.
Times tables will be tested every Thursday. Please make use of:
Home learning for Term 6 will be revised to reflect the changes in the 6+ timetable and to prepare the children for their transition to Year 7 secondary expectations. As the weeks progress, we will gradually increase the amount of home learning set and we would very much appreciate your support by encouraging the children to submit each piece of work set on time.

Current Learning


Our topic for term 6 continues to be 'How big is my world?' 

We will continue to develop our locational and place knowledge, focusing on identifying physical and human features of Crowborough and South America whilst also analysing land use, cultural vulnerabilities, environmental impact and economic trade.

We will also be doing a lot of work on refining our writing, with a huge push around punctuation and grammatical accuracy.

Of course, the production of 'Aladdin' will also be going up a gear, with regular rehearsals in preparation for the grand show itself in July. More details to follow about ticketing and dates! 

If you are interested in looking at some websites in preparation for our topic work:







Safety in Action



Safety In Action 2024





Trip to Uckfield




Uckfield Year 6 trip 2024


Play in a Day - Black History





Black History Play in A Day



Towner Art Gallery and ephemeral art of the beach














Support and Trust in Year 6



To celebrate our termly theme of support, year 6 worked together and joined in with a range of supportive and trust building activities. We started off with cooperative and supportive team games, before moving onto blindfolded problem solving  and finishing with trust falls. We looked at how we can support each other and why it is an important quality to develop.

Year 6 - Support and trust


We LOVE reading



6B Birch reading






We were lucky to welcome Miss Lewis from Beacon Academy, who came along to teach a taster session of Kinball. The children had the most amazing time and worked together to play this game.




Evolution and Adaptation



In science, we conducted an investigation into Darwin's Finches and how these birds on the Galapagos islands mutated and adapted to be able to thrive and survive, eating the food that was available to them. The birds who had fine, small seeds mutated to have a long, thin beak, whilst the birds who only had large, hard nuts to eat, adapted to have a short, stubby and powerful beak. This demonstrates a process called Natural Selection.

Darwin's Finches


Exploring Clay: Pinch and Coil Pots




Exploring Clay: Pinch and Coil Pots



Making heart pumps!


Hear Pumps!


PGL 2023



PGL 2023

Photos from Year 6's trip to Windmill Hill PGL 2023



Mr Egypt 2023



Mr Egypt 2023



Classifying by Observable Features


Pulleys and Levers



Learning Letter







Curriculum Overview