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Ashdown Primary School

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Mr Gray

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Miss Isaacson

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Mrs Jarman

(PPA Cover: PE)

Ms Vanderstappen

(PPA cover: French)

Please contact me using the following email address if you have any questions or queries on: agray@ashdown.e-sussex.sch.uk


Current Learning

In term 5, the children will have P.E. on  Tuesdays and Swimming on  Fridays. The Year 4 teachers' time out of class for Planning, Preparation and Assessment (PPA) is on Tuesday afternoons. Mrs Jarman will be teaching PE (Athletics) and Ms Vanderstappen will be teaching Music.

This term we will be learning about Coasts. This will be heavily focused in Geography, but all of our learning will be closely linked and themed around the sea, rivers and water.

Please get in touch if you think you are able to support this in any way.


Home Learning

Hard copies of home learning are handed out on Fridays, to be handed in by the following Thursday.

I also encourage the children to practise times tables on Times Tables Rockstars, practise comprehension on Readtheory and complete activities on My Maths. Above all else, a mixture of reading for pleasure independently, and reading and discussing with an adult is essential. Please ensure your child writes in their journal whenever they read at home.

Please contact me at agray@ashdown.e-sussex.sch.uk, or on the playground after school, if you have any questions.



Our Class Responsibilities

Term 5 Assembly Monitors - Hayley and Jonah

Digital Leader - Hanna

Actioneers - Primrose and Lilly

Science Ambassador - Jonah

Fairtrade Ambassador - Jackson

Green Team - Joshua


Take a look at some of the things we have been doing so far this year.


Eastbourne Trip

We had a super trip to Eastbourne to look at real life examples of erosion and shore defences. We also did a litter pick and analysed what we found, using our knowledge of tides and currents to guess whether it had washed up on shore or come from inland.  I have added photos to our Geography gallery below.

4Gardenia Geography



Design Technology: Lighthouses

This term the children have thought about lighthouses; what are they for? What are the features of a lighthouse? What should it look like? Applying their skills from science, they have managed to make some fantastic, clearly designed, working lighthouse models. I was very impressed with how technical children were. They were specific about building them to a specific size, cutting and securing the circuitry, and implementing  fine details. Well done, all.


4Gardenia DT: Lighthouses


Geography: Erosion



In Term 5, Gardenia have been learning about erosion. We went outside to model the effects of wind, water and gravity erosion with mud and sand. We also learned about how water erosion causes caves to form in headlands, which can eventually form arches, which crumble into stacks, which are weathered into stumps and eventually erode away completely! We made models of this using playdough.

4Gardenia Geography



Iron Man Dance Music

In Term 3 PE, we have been developing a dance based on the story of 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes. Some children have asked for me to put the music on the website so they can practise at home. Enjoy!


Song 1: Robot Rock- Daft Punk

Song 2: 'You Can Fix Yourself?' from The Iron Giant Soundtrack- Michael Kamen

Song 3: The Robots- Kraftwerk

Song 4: Iron Man- Black Sabbath


Art: Animation


in Term 3 we looked at animation. The children learned how to represent movement within a still image such as in "Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash" by Giacomo Balla (below)and enjoyed trying to draw each other in motion!

Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash - Wikipedia

4Gardenia Art: Animation



Science: Digestion



 "I made poo in the classroom today" was, perhaps, not something you would expect your 8-year-old to come home and say, and yet, that is exactly what they did. Using nothing more than their wits; some plastic bags; tights; forks and 100 ml of orange juice; the children made a live model of the digestive system breaking down a banana and cracker,  and passing the waste out at the end.

As you can see, it was rather gross! It was definitely memorable though.

4Gardenia Science: Digestion



DT: Textiles 

 In Term 2, Year 4 developed skills in joining different type of fabrics. After some practice where they joined their initials to some binka, the children began making tapestries and banners based on the story of Beowulf. I was really impressed with how resilient and supportive the children were for each other. Well done gang!


Battle Abbey




What a fantastic trip! The children used their historical enquiry skills to investigate various artefacts around the Abbey, and the discussions I had with many of them about Anglo-Saxons AND Vikings were fascinating. As is traditional on trips, lunch was many people's favourite part of the day(!) but to be fair, it was quite interesting having lunch in centuries-old cloisters.

I was SO proud that multiple adults commented on how respectful and polite the children were. They were superb ambassadors for the school and I am thrilled with how this trip has consolidated their learning about Anglo-Saxons, and set up their history lessons on the Vikings for Term 2.





Still Life



For Art in Term 1, Gardenia brought together the skills  they had been practising (shading with tone, mixing with colour)  and knowledge of Still Life to create some compositions . It was impressive seeing just how much they developed their eye for detail over the course of the lessons.



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