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Autumn Challenge

You can download the Autumn Challenge here.

The Autumn Challenge includes the following activities (scroll down to find some helpful information)...

 1) Carve a pumpkin

2) Design a rocket and write about the first space launch

3) Create a newspaper article following the arrest of Guy Fawkes and what might have happened if he had succeeded.


4) Make something using leaves


 5) Research an animal that lives in the Arctic or Antarctica and create a fact sheet complete with pictures


 6) Make a poster to show your favourite parts of 2016 - what have you seen and done?


7) Make salt dough and create a festive ornament.


 8) Attend a new Learning Destination, activity or club.


 9) How does global warming affect the animals who live at our poles? Find out about this and record a news report about it.


 10) Make a gingerbread house


11) Make a Christmas calendar


 12) Make a nativity scene and tell the Christmas story.


13) Record a Christmas song.


14) Create a marketing campaign for Ashdown CU including a slogan, song and merchandise designs


 15) Make a Christmas decoration using recycled materials.


 16) Find information about the WWI Christmas Day truce (football game) and write a summary.      

17) Earn some money and donate it to the homeless (tell us how you earned the money)


18) Record the weather over two weeks and compare it to the same time from the previous year.


 19) Make a toy for a brother or sister


20) Research how other cultures/countries celebrate Christmas, what food do they eat, customs, etc?


21) Take part in the Autumn Reading Challenge


Ashdown Autumn Reading Challenge

22) Make a winter collage using natural objects you find outside.


23) make a winter warming meal. Write out your recipe and how you made it.


24) Plant some bulbs for the spring.