Ashdown Primary School

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Equal Opportunities

At Ashdown Primary School we believe that all children, regardless of first language, disability, race, gender, cultural or socio-economic background, should receive equal access to the full school curriculum.

Disability Statement

Ashdown Primary School is proud to be an inclusive organisation. We are able to offer access to the full curriculum for children who have a physical disability.

We have easy access into the main part of both buildings and have disabled toilet facilities within both schools.

As with any additional needs the school works closely with parents and appropriate outside agencies

Special Educational Needs

The school works closely with outside agencies and takes advice with regard to supporting children with special educational needs. The Inclusion Leader seeks to build strong and supportive relationships with families of children who have special and/or additional needs

Gifted and Talented Children

The school supports children who have been identified as being gifted and talented in one or more areas of the curriculum